Kamlet LLP will only accept clients that are interested in getting deals done. Exploration and testing will be left to the engineers. The underlying philosophy of this firm is that we want to help our clients make progress. If there is a deal that a client wishes to genuinely realize, we are the firm to help that client achieve its objectives. That doesn’t mean that some deals shouldn’t be pursued, but we won’t just spin our clients’ or the other side’s wheels. There are a lot of firms that will be glad to accept your fees to go fishing. Not us.


This might sound a bit strange, since we think of ourselves creating or otherwise affecting our surroundings. However, it has a much deeper relevance. Its foundation lies in the simple belief that we achieve more positive outcomes in a group than we do as individuals.  The energy created by the group will always be exponentially greater than the efforts of oneself.

That is why Kamlet LLP is associated with LawBank, a communal concept created by Jay Kamlet and Jordan Deifik. LawBank is a collective of some of the finest solo and small firm practitioners in the country, bent solely on delivering the best practices of legal service to their respective clients.

Through our LawBank network, Kamlet LLP can be as holistic in its representation as any of the Big Law firms out there today. From institutional to personal estate representation, we can help most individuals and organizations at any stage of the business or personal life cycle.


Kamlet LLP offers a deep level of experience, coupled with an innovative working model that yields both flexibility and authoritative insight into today’s complex real estate transactions.

We represent a range of clients—from Fortune 100 companies to small entrepreneurial companies—in a wide variety of real estate transactions. We work to understand your business goals and customize all services to sync with your overall objectives. This is a legal services model that flexes with the needs of the client, offering you the best of service, efficiency and major transactional experience.